The world is nothing like it was 50 years ago. Just as the number of cars and computers and other technology age have skyrocketed, so has the various problems faced by teenagers.


The transition from childhood to adulthood is dealt with physical, emotional, mental and psychological changes. Teenage problems are now compounded by the challenges faced by the society today. The life experiences encountered between the ages of 12 and 20 are development of emotional and sexual feelings, entry into the order of the society through individual and group affiliations, understanding what is right for ourselves and what is wrong, an unforgettable incident, all have a lasting impact.


According to a recent poll: drugs, smoking, drinking alcohol and depression are the most important problems being faced by the teenagers. Unnecessary peer pressure is yet another thing which forces a teenager in entering in the world of evil. Pressure from parents for good grades often provoke them to commit suicide or adopt false means to achieve success. All these things have deep effect on the physical, emotional and cognitive development of the teenagers. Attitude and anger problems are also witnessed commonly. Although what teenagers face, have a lot to do with the company they share or the environment they are hanging  out.


Do not be bamboozled that your child is safe. Keeping a child behind the closed doors is not the solution to the problem, this will only tempt him to break the door anyhow. Understanding the core reasons and listening the problems of your child as a friend is the best means to protect your child from a bad company. Always a gesture of harshness and anger does not work, sometimes softness is needed to make them comfortable to share their problems. Do not confuse yourself that they do not want to scare, it’s just that they are scared of what your reaction will be or they might get a good scolding. Thus creating a friendly and free environment is very important for the children and never provoke them to hide things.


The teenagers in their own go through a very dramatic situation and immense stress that slowly goes into a state of depression. Being calm and silent is first and foremost needed, when dealing with them and not to be impatient anytime. Patience is a great virtue and it is the duty of parents to explain them the pros and cons of everything in a soft manner and not imposing anything to them. Inculcating good teachings what is called ‘Sanskars” is very important. Thus be very cautious enough in dealing with teenagers and try sharing your own experiences to make them understand your point.



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