Letters, words, sentences, paragraphs, pages, cover page and author. All these words lead to the creation of a BOOK.


Book is a collection of many pages, describing a person’s experience about a particular situation, auto-biography and biography, religious and spiritual ones and much more. Books help us in going into the other world that is different from the one in which we live in. It helps us to expand our imaginations beyond our limits, makes us feel special and also it is a place where we are altogether someone else. Being in our own imaginary world, imagining the way we want it to be, this feeling and imagination is what leads to the emergence of an Author.


Knowing about the books and being indulged in them gives us a mesmerizing experience that can’t be compared to any real life experience.


While holding a book in a hand, the feel of it is so soothing and calming that we want to take a leap in its contents. The smell of the pages is so refreshing and inviting that we want to hold the book like forever. Reading a book helps us to be empathetic towards the character about whom we get engrossed in the story so much that it feels like we ourselves are playing a character in the book.


Being inside the contents of a book is like meeting with the New You, who can’t be seen otherwise. It is always said that books are silent listeners, as they listen to all our talks without any demands or arguments. They are known as best friends to humans because they are always there, even in times when no one is there to stand besides us.


Thus, making the books as our best friends will lead us to new heights in our real as well as imagining world.



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