Politics:  This term is generally used to describe the ongoing political activities in a particular country.


India is a country known to follow Democracy as its ideal form of governance system. The Constituent Assembly consisted of political leaders who played an important role during the National Struggle for independence. They were given the responsibility to frame the Constitution of India by highlighting the major ideals. The politics in India is thus, related to the way the political leaders work and the results their actions produce, rather than the policy framing and their execution, because the political leaders have become the main focus of the politics. The political activities including: voting behavior, elections, framing and execution of the policies, demands put forward by the citizens and the like can be witnessed. But these prospects are only given importance, when the political leaders are involved.


The Media also reacts immediately to the political situations as a result the politicians gain importance and enjoys the limelight, while the main issue is sidelined. The Media is said to be free and independent in our country, but the truth is that the media channels are bought and sold under the knowledge of the politically superior beings. It is true that a lot of news being flashed on the channels is not what is actually happening but is just formed, so that a handful of people can gain involved in the production of fraud news.


There are times when politically engaged people are able to perform Under the Table money jobs and still do not get caught because they can influence activities under their power. They should understand that they are an important part of a country’s political activity and their actions will reflect the way the citizens of the country look upon them.


Politics is considered as something negative because of the unethical activities taking place within the political realm. Only if the activities can be looked into by the people involved themselves, then only the Politics can be regarded as the eventful field.



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