Beta, maan laga ke padhai karna,tumhe aage chal kar bada aadmi banna hai.


This is a phrase that almost every child has to listen to, till the time they do not find a successful career for themselves. It is true that studying is an essential part of a person’s life, but it doesn’t mean that it will be considered as the only thing that is to be emphasized upon.


Being a student is what one person takes a pride in. Be it a student studying a theoretical subject or one who is involved in any of the artistic activities. Education is what is used to enlighten a person’s personality and is important to lead a successful and fulfilling life. But a student can only enjoy being educated, if his/ her mind is free of stress and tension along with any kind of pressure. All the parents want their children to go to school and colleges that provide their kids with the best quality education. And in turn want the kids to do their best in studies.


Once we enter the school premises and officially become students, with time we understand that the higher the classes, more the studies. Thus, more the studies more the pressure to score well and stand out than the rest of the students. It is important that the students enjoy gaining knowledge,  it won’t be possible for them to move ahead in their life. Student who crams before exams might get the highest marks in the class. But that does not mean that he or she is the most knowledgeable. A student can be regarded as knowledgeable when he or she takes interest in the education being provided and at the same time also does extra reading on the subjects being taught in school as well as college.


There are situations when a student is being pressurized by the family to study. For instance, some parents want their children to opt for Science in the 11th grade because for them, it provides the students with the best career options. But, at the same time it is possible that the kid might not have the liking or the aptitude for Science, he/she rather has to choose the Science stream because the parents want the child to go ahead with Science.


A family plays an eminent role in the educational life of a child and at the same time it is important that both the parents and children have an informed discussion about the stream being chosen by the child. Thus, a student should study not only for the sake of studying but rather enjoy it in all the possible ways as it is important to give 100 % to whatever we do. And this can be done only if we are fully engrossed in that particular activity.


So, never be scared of studying and learn to have fun with it.



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