Team is something related to a group of persons united for a particular objective. Teamwork is an influential weapon to overcome all hurdles in-between the course of our goal. It can be understood as cooperatively working with each other as opposed to individually competing. Here individual goals do not align with the team goals but this is what is needed to be balanced.


If there is a teamwork then there is a need of a team leader too. Hence along with teamwork , leadership comes hand in hand. Team work can be achieved only if all its participants have an understanding among each other and work delicately in an effective manner . A team may be a subset of yet another bigger team. Like, a section of people form business organisation and divide themselves among groups of smaller count. Sometimes each divided team may be further sub divided for the work of minute details of a particular head or is separated on some other work.


What we need to understand is that often people contradict each other due to difference of opinions but the art of devising, means for subsiding all differences is called teamwork. There are some people working for individual benefits and seeking own selfish means. Such people should be recognized with time and eliminated so that the efforts of other people in team are not in vain. Teamwork increases our communication skills. It helps to extend our contacts and meet people worth inspiring. We get an opportunity to enrich ourselves with others experiences. It also helps us to imbibe good qualities from others. Creative ideas spoken by people adds to our knowledge. Teamwork boosts up the confidence of the individual for speaking in public. It also helps us to learn to adjust with others and gives an opportunity to subside our differences.


Teamwork should be motivated by rewarding incentives and rewards. Teamwork in an business organization forms the basis of work. Teamwork needs to be guided in the right course by a True Leader. A leader needs to guide its team in a right direction through his experience and creativity for getting a fruitful result. Under proper guidance , a team can perform excellently whereas one mistake may cause a disaster.


Thus, teamwork is important in today’s time for great achievements and take up big projects with perfections. For this, proper leadership is the need of the hour. Someone has aptly said:


United we stand and Divided we fall



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