Religion, it is a big ideal to talk about at any platform because people are very sensitive about their Religion. The faith is what makes Religion as an ideal that stands out when compared to any prevailing concept in the present era.


As it is evident, the country of India is diverse in each and every possible way a human mind can think of, be it region, caste, language, culture or religion. There have been different religious texts that have been discovered through centuries, describing the manner in which different religions have survived and also how the mis-understandings created communal mis-happenings.


The most known example of the communal disharmony is the event of Partition that took place in the year 1947, alongside with India’s and Pakistan’s independence. The major reason for the carving of Pakistan out of the Indian Territory was the Religious insecurity that Mohammad Ali Jinnah had for the Muslim community in the independent India. If the issue of communal disharmony had been resolved at that time, then there could have been the avoidance of division of the Hindu and Muslim state.


Religion in the Indian context plays an eminent role, both in the public as well as private lives of an individual. The Indian constitution provides for the distinct Fundamental Right: Right to Religious Freedom. Therefore, making it clear that Religion is an intrinsic part of the society and its members.


But, the question that arises within such a diverse country is related to the role that Judiciary plays, while passing judgments or resolving conflicts involving the matters of Religion, as it is supposed to be neutral in its approach. The Judiciary and the Parliament are supposed to coordinate with each other in order to provide the citizens with their Right to Religious Freedom in the appropriate manner.


But, keeping all these matters aside, the main issue to think about is: Why does the Religion leads to disharmony and violence?


It is a question which can only be answered, when we as religious believer’s question the true relevance and meaning of the faith that we have.



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