Junk food is our all-time favorite, isn’t it? In this 21st century, there’s no place where we won’t find it. But are you aware about junkie-facts? If not, this one is for you.


The term “junk” became popular with the song “Junk Food Junkie”, even though it was used initially in the 1960’s. Junk food is that category of foods that are high in calories but low in nutritional values. Defining it is easy but naming foods that fall under the umbrella of junk foods is difficult, since it varies from person to person. One might say pizzas and burgers are junk.  I would say all they have are veggies and cheese, which is supposedly healthy. One might say breakfast cereals are healthy, you might say they are not, owing to high level of fructose and white-flour. So how will you understand the concept of junk food?


The foods that one might categorize as junk, is totally safe but unhealthy if consumed on a regular basis.  Any food that appeals to you more due to the factors of convenience, price and taste, rather than nutrition can be termed as junk. The consumption of such foods is known to cause serious health issues, which at times also prove fatal in the long run. Some of the effects include high blood fat, raised cholesterol, constipation, diabetes, obesity, depression, nutrient deficiencies and cardiovascular problems. The main reason is the harmful additives and preservatives that are unnecessarily added to foodstuffs in order to lure more people.


We all know that smoking is bad and tobacco is injurious to health. But do you know that junk food is just as bad as cigarettes and that obesity poses greater threat to health than smoking? You see ads telling you the cons of smoking; but you see ads promoting junk food stuffs. These ads and the promotional incentives that they offer give enough time for the junk-beast to devour innocent minds. Small children, unable to understand the health consequences of their eating habits fall prey to the ill-effects of this lifestyle later in life. Also, pregnant or breast-feeding mothers eating junk food are known to have children prone to obesity. It’s time that we respond to the wake-up call and change our lifestyles to ensure a healthy life for us and our coming generations.


The question that now pops up in your mind would be- how to take the junk out of junk food without compromising with your taste buds. The best solution is to try and learn making your favourite snacks and other food-items at home, replacing the not-so-healthy ingredients and procedures with healthier practices. Plan the rest of your diet to maintain its balance. Be sure to include salads and fruits in your daily diet. Pave way for steamed/baked/cooked food instead of fried foods. And not to forget, be sure to share your new inventions with others! 😉
After all, there is a reason why they say- “Eat healthy, stay healthy!”



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