It is universally acknowledged that:

An idle Man’s brain is a Devil’s workshop

According to above cited quotation, it is  a common human tendency that man tend to develop negativity on getting totally free time. In fact, they need more work.


The energy and enthusiasm contained in young blood is the panacea of all social ailments, if utilized in an appropriate way. As the developing countries suffer from problems of illiteracy, unemployment, poverty, justice, religions intolerance and diseases due to unhygenicity. It becomes moral duty of all youngsters to participate in the welfare works.


Its not imperative that the students study always. They also need some relaxation and diversion after strenuous mental work. If they don’t utilize their time in social welfare activities, they can become victims of antisocial elements. There are several welfare activities in which they can voluntarily participate. There are various NGOs (non-government organizations) which provide base or a platform, where from and under which they can purse the following welfare activities:

  • Students can work in the hospitals to attend helpless patients on weekends or during free days in a week.
  • They can provide solace to the old people in the old age homes.
  • Teaching adult people and making people aware of spread of diseases, hygienic conditions can prove to be a boon (blessing) for illiterate people.
  • NSS (National Service Scheme) units can be made compulsory in the colleges and universities. The students personally can go to the depressed and  the deprived people and experience their afflictions. This experience is aimed at holistic concept of education.
  • After getting expertised training for first aid, they can be a blessing for the society where they can contribute their valuable services. Like in case  of: Dog bite, an accident, fractures or other emergency conditions.


In fact, Social service can/must be implemented as a subject of study in the educational institutions. In this way, education will be wedded to the social expectations and obligations. Needless to say:

Youth are not useless, they are used less.



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