Spirituality and science


“Unbridled scientific progress is leading to suffering and destruction and it needs to be tamed with spirituality”


“Today we have guided missiles, but misguided men”. The world is continuously progressing but the moral state of man and the role of spirituality in his life has been proportionally declining. Spirituality is vanishing from our lives, and science is becoming the bane of mankind. With the invention of weapons of mass destruction, the science has grown tremendously to cause violation within a fraction of seconds for entire universe, but it ultimately has endangered peaceful human existence.


Human life has two aspects-material comforts for the body and spiritual food for the soul. Just like body needs food, water et cetera and other material comforts in this materialistic world, similarly our soul too requires food, which actually is suffering from the mal nourishment. The divine knowledge, coupled with the God realization through the self realization takes a back seat, unfortunately, which otherwise must be the top priority.It is irony to realize that the billions of dollars which are being spent on developing lethal weapons and waging wars are not used for the welfare of the mankind.


Someone has very rightly said that ‘wars are first fought in the minds of men and then on the ground’ therefore, if the mind is nurtured properly with divine thoughts and holy deeds, then the destructive thoughts can never wastefully violate the piousness of the religion. Its remarkable to analyze that in most of the countries, the budget for education and community health is dramatically at the lower range due to giving more importance to the science, which is actually a wonderful tool, but man has become tool of this man made tool. We are supposed to use things and love people; unfortunately, we are loving things and using people. So science has the potential to foster friendship instead of encouraging hostility and promoting terrorism.


So if spirituality is accepted by the world as a guiding force, it would serve as a beacon on the dark stormy night that saves many ships from the wrath of the sea. The ships that sail precariously through the violent waves are led astray. But the sailors who keep their eyes on the lighthouse sail through the roughest of the waves. Spirituality is the lighthouse that guides people on to the path of righteousness, preventing them from going astray in the darkness of the illusory material world.



So as we keep logical approach towards scientific world, a scientific approach or logical thinking is of immense importance to keep the scientific progress aligned to the welfare of mankind. Divine knowledge is quite logical and scientific. When divine knowledge is bestowed on a seeker, one is made to understand how the nine elements- the sun, moon, stars, vaayu (air), jeeva (being), aakash (sky), earth, water, fire are different from God. If we worship these elements, we are not worshiping the almighty God.


So if we want to understand properly about our religious status, we need to ponder keenly upon the set of beliefs that we are following , by taking them as Godly deeds, we need to have scientific approach for what and why of the process too.

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