Development of a nation depends upon a real society. But it is full of many problems and evil of smoking is the route to cause all problems. It is one of the worst habit . People who smoke should understand that it is the waste of energy, wealth and health. It causes many kind of diseases like heart attack, cancer, OBCJ and many others.


But here arises a very important question here that: Why people smoke? or What may be the reasons which puts one in this worst habit?


Basically, different people have different reasons to smoke. There is a segment of young smokers who resort to cigarettes to stress themselves. For such smokers, medical aid is the best option. If we talk about youngsters or students then we come to know that they like to smoke in order to study all night. Some of them do it due to the failed relationships or bad results. They need to know that smoking is not the resolution of their problems or I would say that it is not the appropriate answer to their irrelevant questions of life. In that case, they need to take medical help or exercise, do yoga and relax the mind.


Also the food habits can also help up to a certain level in preventing smoking like:

  •  If fruits rich in Vitamin C like lemons, oranges and amla are consumed in large quantity, it reduces the urge to smoke.
  • Also eating salty items like pickles and chips.
  • Also taking strawberries and green and black tea, kaempferol, found in Brussels, sprouts and apples, and quercetin found in beans, onions and apples.


The Atlas estimates that lung cancer is now killing more women than breast cancer and smoking rates are particularly increasing among young girls in many countries.. The Atlas also said that according to the WHO: with $ 5 per person per year, India will be able to pay for the four best buys in tobacco. Now which thing should be developed for this problem?


Basically, the area that needs to be focused is to establish more and more economical rehabilitation centers to help addicts. Right now, the Rehab. Centers and medications are few and far between and expensive too.


Measures that Government can take for removal of tobacco are:

  • They can raise tobacco excise taxes.
  • By enforcing a comprehensive national smoke-free law.
  • Ban on tobacco advertising and its promotion.
  • Warning labels should appear on tobacco product packaging.
  • Convincing farmers not to grow tobacco and thus grow other by providing incentives up to some extent.


It is a matter of great sorrow for us that the westerns are giving up the evils, and easterns are starting it. Selling and buying cigarette should be prohibited. At last I would say that if above steps would be taken as soon as possible, then this small investment will reap enormous dividends in health and prosperity. It is the right time to stop this evil because: 


Firstly a man takes cigarette and then the Cigarette takes the man.



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