In this present aura, where world is getting closer and closer and undeniably with almost nothing left unknown be it happening anywhere around the world. And undeniably internet with all its utilities plays a key role here, be it through social media like Face book, Twitter or like LinkedIn or say for Quora, this is the world we all live in actually.


Definitely, this technology gets blamed for its very supreme and above-all presence, its utilities prove to be both profit and loss for everyone. The very purpose of getting on a social network is to make this world a small place, where despite of all our busy schedules, we can connect with people located anywhere with an ease. But, things go well only till everything goes in this clear and pious way. Things become rather complicated when these networks become not just ways of connecting but there starts dwelling in us a profound feeling of representing ourselves in best, though at times untrue ways in this social world.


Here the situations become rather alarming and social media starts occupying a major part of not just our day but also of our minds. This actually creates anxiety and our online representation starts to bother us. All this anxiety gets poured out in various ways, and at times takes form of cyber crimes which ends up becoming rather life threatening too for both us and others.


Henceforth, alike everything else in our lives, it is required for us to get used of all these activities, be it on Face book, Google+ and of course WhatsApp and  be well aware of its limitations and prevent its undue intrusions in one’s personal space. It is no doubt great to use these ways to connect with our friends but stay wise enough to be safe and remember that at the end, anything that once goes online either by our personal chats or pictures or usual status updates, reaches out to multiple sources at the end where it can be used in either ways.


This definitely does not mean to stay fearful and restrict oneself in limited dimensions, but just be a little wise and realistic (as we are in our real life), in this social life as well.



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