An adolescent’s mind is often seen with certain changes. While some of them may face aggression problem, some other students feel low on their self-confidence. Henceforth, due care is required to be given to them, just like enough care is given to shape a clay into an earthen part. Some people may think that as these changes are hormone changes and they cannot be controlled, here are some tips that one can keep in mind in order to ensure that they do not deviate from the right path:


1. Sometimes, when you think the world is being harsh on you, take a double check. As someone well said, “Life is more about giving than taking”. If you feel like God has been too harsh on you and not given you everything you wanted, take a look at all those people who are less fortunate than you, who live under a shelter made of wood and bricks while you live in a home, who sleep without food every other night, while you fight with your parents for not providing you with Italian cuisines from your favorite restaurant down the road.


2. Sometimes, you may curse the people around for not changing the way you want them to be. Well maybe in that case you ought to take a look at yourself first, make yourself a little inconsistent in the circumstances, adjust yourself and prepare yourself for a change and thereby bring about a change in the society.


3. People may think that you are not fit according to their group, well in that case don’t pay much attention to them because life’s too short to think about what others may think of you.


4. Be positive, have self confidence and you would surely be a part of a better world.


Hence, these are some tips which one might consider if they are feeling too aggressive or too low, as the case maybe.



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