Since times immemorial researchers have been solving the enigmatic mysteries of life, including the space research. It goes without saying that money spent on space research is in million or billion dollars, which seems unjustifiable in many cases. However, looking at both brighter and darker aspects, it’s pertinent to conclude justifiability of the space exploration.


To begin with the brighter side/positive aspects or Pros: Space research has provided many benefits to humanity. Hundred of useful products from personal computer to heart pacemakers to freeze dried products are products of space research conducted directly or indirectly. Moreover, number of Satellites like the Aryabhatta, Insat–1A, Insat-1B and many more are products of space program, by the help of which weather forecasting and communication is facilitated up to a significant extent. To add to it, all practical knowledge about sun, moon and other planets including our dear earth has been availed and made possible to analyze is because of space exploration.


But as every coin has two faces. Similarly this issue is also not without demerits or Cons: Initially, when research is conducted, billion of dollars are spent and man power resources like scientists, astronauts and various skilled technicians have to contribute their valuable services. Many times these kinds of researches go into vain as the money invested doesn’t bring bigger results.


Moreover, this money can better be spent on some useful and required fields like:

  • Eradication of poverty and starvation.
  • For curing of some dreadful diseases like: Cancer, Aids, Diabetes, Tumor etc.
  • To raise the standard of living of people.


To illustrate, if America spends the same amount of money (which it spends on space explorations) to remove poverty, then it can eradicate poverty completely from the world.


To recapitulate, I pen down concluding that space research is justifiable but initially the needs of the people on the earth must be catered.



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