It has rightly been said that “all work and no play makes jack a dull boy”


Sports play an important role in our life. This is the best source of keeping us fit and healthy. It is a natural instinct of man. It is the most ancient and the most natural means of recreation. Sports help people to stay healthy and fit in a natural way. It makes all systems of body work to their optimum. They give us physical exercise. And also provide us entertainment.


Have you all ever think of it that What is Life or the precise definition of it?


Basically, Life is itself a game where on one hand there is a victory and on the other defeat. And games also teaches the same. So directly or indirectly these both terms are proportional to each other. Sports and games make us disciplined and cooperative. They make us fresh, fit and fine. They help to build the physical stamina and raise the level of patience. You all must have noticed one thing that Sports person usually have healthier and longer lives as compared to those who play no games or take little exercise. For a student they are as much important as classroom studies. Without games, a student becomes a book-worm and thus his overall development stops. So it is necessary to focus or concentrate on your studies as well as sports.


Thus, we can conclude that how sports play a crucial role in one’s life. Overall, it is the way to kill boredom and stress in one’s life. Even more than this  it brings the people of different personalities and other traits closed together. These are organised at the international levels such as Olympics, Asian games, Commonwealth games, football world cup, cricket world cup and many more. Games and sports are played at various levels like traditional, ethnic, International and national.


Children must play games in order to refresh the lungs and to keep body healthy. But if we won’t play games, then we would become lethargic and dull. So, everyone should take part in one sports activity or the other.



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