It goes beyond doubt and discussion that today’s students are tomorrow’s Leaders and Managers. If they don’t keep themselves abreast of what is happening in the country, they will be unable to discharge their duties as responsible citizens after leaving universities and colleges. That’s the reason that in collages and universities, elections are held annually, so that they can manage the affairs ably. There are two contrasting aspects related to above issue. They can be listed as follows:


Brighter Side:

  •  Taking part in politics, enables them to develop their talent in debates and discussions.
  • Students naturally acquire leadership qualities and these qualities undeniably contribute heavily towards the efficient running of country.
  • Leadership qualities learned, help not only in politics but also in every walk of life
  • Student’s participation in politics helps in reducing the quantum of corruption, favoritism and nepotism.
  • Many other evils of society are substantially reduced, if not eradicated. 


Darker Side:

  •  Unfortunately, present system of politics is marred by corruption. There is leadership crisis. The voters don’t have faith in their leaders. They are not wrong to call democracy either monocracy or a mockery. Choosing their representatives is like choosing between two evils.
  • Student’s participation is not a bed of roses. Parents and teachers must ensure that innocent students should not be used as cat’s paw by certain cunning political leaders for their nefarious designs. 


Overall, it can be concluded that nothing should be done at the cost of studies.



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