Swach means clean, cleanliness is mostly related to the sphere of environmental cleanliness. But, rarely would it dawn on anyone of us that cleanliness is also related to our own inner self.


It is true that one has to take care of the surrounding and environment around us so that we can lead a healthy life. Whereas, it is related to being healthy from outside. Along with it, it is very important that we understand the correct manner to clean our inner self because it is the inner character that truly defines a person and after this, a person’s attitude and habits.


It is not an easy task to clean our inner self on a regular basis as there are circumstances where we face dilemma and are not able to take the decision immediately. But, it should not be ignored as it would lead to piling up of the process and activities, ultimately leading to the complete ignorance.


Being happy with the way we are and not wanting much changes, is a human character, on the other hand being proud of something that is destructive in one’s nature is what step by step leads to a person’s inner death.


Thus, the cleaning process should be practiced on a regular basis, despite the fact that it is a demanding and tiring job.


Being a human being with the human traits that do not allow us to be subjugated in front of anyone or anything is the reason, why we have become so self centered.


Bowing down in front of anything or anyone is not one desires, but if the other person is correct, thus, it is our responsibility to keep our ego at bay.


It is a characteristic and strength that should be inculcated in the child since an early age, in order for the morality to blossom in the following years .


The morals are to some extend subjective but the essence of morality never dies or differs much in its nature.


The Modi Government launched the Swach bharat Abbiyan,with the motive of keeping our surrounding clean so that we all can live a healthy and long life. The symbol used for the project is the face of Gandhi ji, but I doubt there was any emphasis payed on the cleanliness of inner self that Gandhi Ji also talks about, apart from the clean environment.


Therefore, as we all are taking a step towards keeping our surroundings clean, it should be our foremost duty to clean our own-self.



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