Necessity is the mother of inventions


Since the ancient era, so as to cater to their needs and bring upon a positive change in their life, people have been discovering new ideas, pulling in resources and inventing anything that would assist them and make their life more comfortable. Of such inventions, one of the essential components has been science and technology. From the early man making tools to assist them in hunting, thereby providing them the ability to survive to a modern lifestyle of a man in an urban area using a coffee machine to make an espresso, all have made possible due to growth and advancement of technology.


The 21st century has so far seen drastic changes in the fields of science and technology and that too in its first decade. From reducing the size of the personal computers to increasing the usage of the World Wide Web, new and better inventions in the fields of technology have all made it possible. The technological changes in the environment are often seen as a positive change as it has raised the standards of living of people who can now make efficient and creative use of the given resources. For instance, communication was earlier only possible by the means of posts or an enhanced version, a speed post, which took couple of days for the information to be reached to the recipient. However, owing to the technological advancements, one has evolved the way of communications from landlines to mobile phones to online messaging to face-to-face interactions over the internet.


Therefore, technology advances show people a more efficient and comprehensive ways of doing things and these processes gets results, which mostly are acceptable by people. However, just like a medicine which can have both positive and side-effects on the patient using them, technology also comes with several disadvantages. Of them, one main disadvantage of advanced technology is the dependence of the users on the machines created by them as people become helpless if there is a system failure or where they cannot invent a machine that could help them bring some ease in their life, further implying that people value these machines more than they actually value their or other’s lives.


Henceforth, surely technological changes have made life more comfortable than that of our previous generations, but it possess a great threat to the society and the future generations, if these changes are not controlled by those who create them.



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