Dreaming today’s sophisticated life without technology is like a lifeless phenomenon, where no work seems enjoyable and comfortable.


From the birth of a baby to the cremation of a man, there is technology. In fact it is all pervading aspect of human life. Almost all hazardous, difficult and impossible works are done by technology. For instance, from the scrubbing of the floor up to the flight of man in the sky, each and everything is done by technology.


Further, information and knowledge is in the access of an ordinary person and diseases/ailments of yester-years are curable now. People have got solution to numerous problems due to technology, as trade barriers have broken down and all boundaries of national/international typed are disappearing very fast.


Whereas technology has provided us with some problems of stereotypes, enhancing artificiality and has decreased the warmth of relations. People have become more lethargic, hence they are becoming prone to many diseases of sedentary life style like: hypertension, cardiac arrest and obesity, which is the root cause of all the disorders.


As it is vivid that, technology not only provides comfort and benefits of ultimate reality/warmth, it also has made our life complicated and over dependent. We judiciously need to create a balance to overcome the cons and to have mind oriented support of it, so that we can use it as a master and not as a servant.



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