Technology in today’s world is one of the major aspect in evaluating a country’s growth and development. In this global world of competition the ‘tech-war’ has become quite aggressive. The pace at which the technological developments are taking place is so fast that the technology launched today becomes obsolete tomorrow. Due to this reason, technology is one of the major determinant to determine how powerful a country is. The best example is of China.


Whatever we use from morning to night is an outcome of technology only, may be directly of indirectly. We need an alarm clock to wake-up in the morning and other things which we are using are the product of technology only. The best example is of mobile phone. We can’t even think of living without a mobile phone even for a single day. It is used by every class of people. The world seems incomplete without it. Not only mobile phones but the mode of transportation we are using, the electronic gadgets used in our kitchen, offices, bedroom are all the Gifts of technology.


Technology not only helps in carrying out the daily works, but it is also used to save mankind. Today we are living in an uncertain environment. Terrorism, riots, wars, etc. are the common scenario. Each country is responsible to safeguard the lives of its people. Satellites, rockets, missiles, automatic machine guns etc. are all advent of technology. But the technology used is a proper way to be a “boon” otherwise it becomes a “sordid bane”. Some people use it for destructive activities and ruin many lives.


Thus, technology if used properly can be fruitful for the mankind and can help in the growth and development of a prosperous country.



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