Sparkling sky, clear water, green land, fresh food. All of this sounds so refreshing. Sadly, we have left all this far behind.


If we talk in the context of developing countries, refrigerators, air-conditioners, cars are still considered a luxury.


But is this actually a boon? Does technology actually benefit us in the long run? We all are aware of the immediate benefits. But has the human race forgotten to ponder about the long-term benefits or harms.Technology has evolved over the years. From abacus to laptop, Orkut to Facebook, bicycle to luxury cars. Technology evolved as our needs grew. But our needs did not cease. This led to drastic effects on mother earth.


Technology has taken over our lives like a cobweb. The current trend is social networking sites. Children and even adults spend enormous time on the internet and apps. Instead of communicating face-to-face, people tend to text. It is said that people tend to lie more while texting. Stress is building up, all thanks to technology. We are virtually available, not available! We have the money to buy all the technology. But we do not have the time to use it.The technology effects our health too. It ruins the physical aspects of our lives. For instance, the overuse of mobiles and laptop affects eyes. Instead of going out and mingling with each other, people tend to sit back at home. There has been a reduction in the over-all physical activity.The technological advancements like air- conditioners and refrigerators emit harmful radiations. Global warming is currently the major problem today. The gases emitted from machines, factories, home and fuels etc. cause the depletion of ozone layer.


Long time ago, humans were the main resources. A lot of physical effort was required. This kept the earth as well as the humans healthy. The advancement in technology, development of machines led to the reduction in manual effort. This had a major impact on job-security. Our brains are shrinking day by day, all thanks to technology.The advancement in technology tortured mother earth from time-to-time. The earth has been tortured rigorously to satisfy the requirements of technology. This is like standing on a rock that can fall any moment. We are moving towards a technological advanced era neglecting all the dangerous effects.The technology has another consequence – Wars. It is so easy to destroy lives, homes and peace of mind. Canons, guns and tanks are the sweet outcomes of technology. Some things can be sorted out by discussion and negotiation. As our beloved Mahatma Gandhi said “an eye for an eye and a toe for a toe ends up making the whole world blind.”


We have become so much dependent on technology that it has become equivalent to the air that we breathe. We need to learn to live on our own, without technology. This is because earth has its own limitations. It might not be able to satisfy our never-ending needs forever. One day, all the fuels will finish and so will the fuels for running technology. At that point, we must survive without technology. The earth has lost its quality, the air is becoming dirtier and water is becoming unfit for drinking. We have left behind so many wonderful things. Our wonderful land, forests, peace of mind! But it’s never too late to start.

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