It’s amazing how even the same book read again and again, never becomes monotonous but always brings a new perspective in the minds of the reader. That’s the true beauty of reading.


Reading is not only based on the concept of entering some facts or opinions in our minds, but reading is a phenomena which not only creates awareness about our surroundings, but also provides us different perception about everything. It helps to enhance our knowledge and also helps us make opinions which could help us in making wise decisions. Sometimes, people may think that reading is a much monotonous process and by watching some videos offline or online we can achieve the same objective. However, reading is like an addiction, the person who has it, can never let it go. Reading is an interesting concept which creates an ability to foresee what may come next in certain situations.


Also, just like reading is a great phenomenon, writing too has its own beauty. Many-a-times, when one can’t express their emotions by talking to someone, writing proves to be an excellent option. Moreover, it is considered as a good aid for managing anger, as just by penning your emotions down, one can not only calm themselves down but also it is a less violent way of expressing one’s emotions. As one truly said, “Writing is an exploration. You start from nothing and learn as you go.”


Henceforth, a combination of reading and writing can do wonders. One must definitely try it. Also, one must write or read something that would yield fruitful results as if they don’t yield some good results then, it is not only a wastage of time but also it creates misdirecting opinions and judgments in our minds.


As Benjamin Franklin once said, “Either write something worth reading or do something worth writing.”

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