It is a common saying that God resides in stones. The people built idols and began worshiping. He lives up in the sky. Many saints claim that they can communicate with God. Several holy books have been developed that are said to be written by God. This concept has intrigued the human race since time immemorial. The people were afraid. They worshiped sky, air, water, trees, fire, animals and even man. No one has seen the almighty, yet we spend half our lives for the divine.


Every coin has two sides. The common man has been fooled by the so called caretakers of the holy home of God. Everyone is afraid of the future and anxious about their present. Man has not learnt the way of living. He is stuck amidst the cobweb of past, present and future. The saints take advantage of this cumbersome situation. It leads to superstitions. This in turn leads to malpractices. The people waste their hard-earned money and time on them.


The atheists are different from this lot. They believe in rationalism. They are inclined towards scientific reasoning. They tend to believe whatever science believes. The religion and science have remained in fire-fighting mode forever. As a result, atheists are not convinced by religious activities.
There is a creator of every car, monument, skyscraper and toy. Similarly planets, animals, human beings, galaxies and plants have been created by someone. That Creator is God.


One prays every day for hours. We pray when we are in trouble. We seek his blessings every day. We believe that there is someone who is guiding us. At some point of our lives, our wish is fulfilled. A scientific explanation for this could be from a Book called ‘Secret’ by ‘Rhonda Byrne’. We attract what we think. We are like a tower emitting radiations. All the accessories and people that come into our lives are a result of our faith.
Praying reduces anger, frustration, envy and fear. So let us not pray to gain something. But from this day forth, let us pray to get rid of these negativism in our lives.



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