Water means life to animals, plants and human beings. It is very difficult for anyone to live in places where their is no water to drink, where there is no grass for cattle to feed on and where is no water to grow crops on fields. People in this world have learnt to live in extremely hot conditions and in extremely cold weather. These are the desert areas of the world. These are characterized by:

  • Low rainfall
  • Extreme temperatures
  • Scanty vegetation


The Hot Sahara Desert:

It is the world’s largest desert. The Sahara desert touches almost eleven countries like Egypt, Libya, Morocco and many more. Sahara desert is covered with vast stretches of sands, gravel plains and elevated plateaus with bare rocky surfaces. These surfaces may be more than 2500 m high at some places.


The group of people that live in and around the desert are Bedouin’s and Tuareg’s. These people are nomadic tribes rearing livestock such as goats, sheep, camels and horses. These animals provide them with milk and hides from which they can make mats, clothes and carpets. They wear heavy robes as protection from hot winds and dust storms.


The climate in Sahara desert is scorching hot and so dry. Days are so hot that we can’t even imagine. The sky is cloudless and clear. The nights are freezing cold with nearly temperatures of about zero degrees. The discovery of oil i.e. product which is so much in demand throughout the world in Algeria, Libya and Egypt is constantly transforming the Sahara desert. Other minerals found there also include iron, phosphorus, manganese and uranium.


The cultural landscape of the Sahara is undergoing change. Gleaming class cased office buildings tower over mosques and superhighways crisscross the ancient camel paths. This is the life at any desert also. We can’t imagine how harsh their life is and they live in worst conditions.



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