School days were fun indeed and as it came to end the last two years arrived with dilemmas of subject selection. Though mathematics had slowly turned out to be my companion. (after it ended up its rivalry and stopped giving me poor scores) I decided upon going on unassumingly the tough stride of becoming an engineer and choosing PCM. No doubt here Mathematics was not just the case to be resolved, its accomplice were Physics and Chemistry as well. And henceforth the trouble rate went up because then came Chemistry, where along the logical part there was a challenge to gain and retain! Although initial reluctance paid way to a much relaxed path ahead, as this subject turned out to be a trusted one. I actually fell in love (and the best i did score pretty well too, even comparatively) with the great amalgam this had in store be it the physical chemistry or organic or inorganic.


My sole aim here is to describe the great fun we can have in this too, while one finds it easy to cope with physical chemistry as numerical and formula become part and parcel of every science subject aspirant. The inorganic and organic become worst nightmares as the memorizing habit is just not in our genes!


Even then among all odds, learning chemistry can be simplified by understanding and repeated revising. Though these words may appear as age old advises but frankly organic chemistry became my friend in this way only.


Inorganic was definitely a tougher stride but periodic table can make it easy too. Just keep a big good picture of periodic table in your room, a well colored one because its these colors that will make you remember and remind of elemental properties as well as differentiate among different block elements and special series in period and group wise. Try making your notes colorful as well especially when it comes to complicated chemistry issue. Trust me it helps because chemistry is all about being reminded of the right piece of information at the right time. And this”Color Methodology” (no doubt invented by me) does help in forming a picture in our mind which makes it easy to remember. Likewise is in case of structures, like in benzene related reactions drawing the ring-structure in itself is at times a better option than merely writing the name. For the horrible name reactions try correlating the name of the person to some funny word or something that you get in your mind quickly.


So in brief I agree chemistry can be a foe and yes on confession part even it was initially my way to get good sleep( like come on open a big Modern ABC Chemistry or even Pradeep or of course the NCERT, and wait for the sleep fairy to take you in her world!). But it is us who have to take the first step and no doubt it might be a hard one to make it your favorite but please don’t make it that big an enemy that the outcome is visible in your results of 11th and 12th and all other x..y…z… competitive exams!



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