There are various great men and women of the past have set examples to us and it is totally depend on us if we learn from them.


The person whom i admire most is Mother Teresa. She was the great person of our time. She devoted all of her life working for the poorest of poor. She was totally dedicated towards her work. Though she was a foreigner settled in Calcutta and made that place her home. She visited nearby areas around the Calcutta and nursed those who suffered from severe cancer. She was totally dedicated to her work. I found her one of the greatest teacher whom we can learn a lesson of helping others.


She cared for those who were unwanted, uncared and deserted by everybody. She became MOTHER for all (REAL MOTHER).


Even the handicapped children are never neglected by her. Therefore, she was loved by every religion and every caste. She believed that the service of man is the service of GOD.


Her ancestors were hardworking and this showed itself in her stamina and in her commonsense. She was the founder of charitable organisation called “MISSIONARIES OF CHARITY”. This has many institutions in many parts of the world. Whenever she need money GOD help her. She was given a car used by the POPE during his visit to India which she sold for the welfare of people.


She never thought of herself All the money she got from awards is for the betterment of organisation. She did the great work and became a great tutor for all around the world. If one helps a single poor child then no one will remain poor and we live in brotherhood with equality. Those people also have the right to live like us.


Mother Teresa died in 1997. The process of declaring her a saint has already been initiated. It is only a matter of time before she will be formally declared a saint. This is the which she deserved.



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