Society, the word itself spells out the meaning,it can be described as the atmosphere and environment where humans reside with other natural beings and man made things and at the same time find ways to sustain themselves in different possible ways.


For the humans, society is of immense importance because it is the arena where they reside and are an internal as well as integral part if it, thus cannot be pulled out of it. If they are not a part of the society, then they are alien to their surrounding environment.


Society keeps so much of importance because a person is recognised by the society he or she lives in, as being an individual is the basics but residing in the society according to the rules of the game is what keeps an individual in check and takes care that the individual does not indulge only in activities which pertain to the achieving of the self interest.


It is absolutely true that the humans influence and in turn get influenced by their surroundings. As a result the personality and behviour of the humans are shaped by the immediate surrounding. For instance, for the child mother is the only source of information for some years, which is followed by school and then higher education. Therefore, the child is influenced by the way the mother reacts in various circumstances and adopt it in his or her behaviour.


It is good to be a part of the society if one has to survive in the best manner possible, but that does not mean that the individual gets so engrossed in the societal functions that he or she forgets the individual emphasis.


There are times when there are communal riots on the pre text of asserting the superiority of one religion over the other by finding various issues to fight upon. These are the times when people get so badly influenced by the environmental activities around them that they forgot to use their own judgment of right and wrong.


Thus it becomes a requirement for an individual not to forget the morals and values that are inculcated through the society for the individual and societal good.



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