The tenure of school life is usually characterized by its initial kindergarten stages and its final two years i.e. class 11th and 12th.


These years are at times referred as junior college, rightly enough because in a way they are first steps of deciding how we wish to proceed ahead in our lives in terms of career. The process of subject selection is a delicate intricate phase in itself for every person, that too in an era of increased competitiveness where in Sky is the Limit and framework for this begins here itself.


Although it is meant to be a wise important choice but definitely nothing that calls for a panic stroke. And at same time, being unwise and following peers and family or some Gupta uncle’s daughter and nephew to make our decisions. Undeniably, all of them may give you some hints and suggestions, but choice is meant to be only ours. Although it is difficult to follow our heart, mainly when it comes to close friends and most importantly our own parents, but at the end it would be us who would come to face consequences.


It is meant thereby to be a situation, handled carefully, keeping in mind our own mental ease and future aspirations. There are no doubt various ways to solve our worries by suitable counselling, aptitude tests organized nowadays even at school level and consulting our own teachers and seniors to aid in making a suitable choice.


At the same time, an important thing to be kept in mind is that although this decision is important, definitely it is not the ultimate thing of life.  And as humans, we all tend to make mistakes and despite of going in a particular field through a subject choice, the options for career in future can be switched as well.


But, here stability is an important thing and once a decision is made, it is required to align our mindsets on same lines and stay focused.



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