Tiger Woods has been a man of the puzzle for the larger part of 2014. Presently, as the year comes to an end, he is teeing it up in what could be viewed as his next major. It’s an accomplishment on the grounds that he finally receives an opportunity to see whether he finds himself able to play abnormal state, proficient golf once more. Indeed, he is unverifiable as to how his body will react.


“It’s going to be pleasant playing a competition this week and getting a feel for being under the hotness and see where my swing is,” he said recently. He said he needs to know where his great shots are going, as well as where his terrible shots are going. One thing he does know is that the time far from golf has permitted him to recapture physical quality, so that as he clarified it, his muscles, tendons and ligaments hold his joints set up all the more viably. He confesses to soreness from preparing and further said that he doesn’t have to see a chiropractor consistently to have the capacity to play, which he did awhile ago. As for separating with previous swing mentor Sean Foley, Woods said that there was nothing the matter with Foley’s system.


“I believe that physically, I simply lacked the capacity do a portion of the things that we needed to do in the golf swing” he said. “We are still great companions, despite everything we needle one another a considerable amount on messaging. With the goal that part has been fabulous, yet on an expert level, I think I required to go an alternate heading.” Woods referred to eight triumphs in a two-year time compass as evidence of Foley’s framework yet included, “Things were advancing in the right course. However sadly, physically, I was getting harmed doing it.”


Being far from playing and honing gave Woods time to consider his diversion, his swing, the progressions he has made throughout the years, the different swing mentors he has worked with and what he needs to do now to save his capacity to keep on playing in his 40’s. Woods’ contemplation prompted the acknowledgment that for him, everything old is going to be new once more. Woods said he doesn’t need to outhit Dustin Johnson, Bubba Watson or other more youthful players. He simply needs to beat the fairway. He knows he has enough length to do that. He doesn’t need to pursue length as an end-all be-all, positively not to the impediment of his body. Woods said he needs a swing that will permit him to have the capacity to be focused like Greg Norman and Tom Watson were at the British Open in their 50’s.


Whether Woods posts a 65 or an 85 in any round of the Hero World Challenge this week, he will at any rate play four rounds of focused golf against gentlemen who unquestionably need to beat him. His play will let him know what he can do now and the amount of work he still has left before he plays like the Tiger Woods of old. That is the thing that makes this week a major.



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