Women Empowerment is one of the most burning issues of India, throwing light towards the status of women in India. Today it is important for the world to make the gender equality issue their utmost priority for the betterment of the whole world.


India is considered as one of the top most country suffering with this issue. The women now can’t be asked to wait anymore for the equality. In our male dominated country the first step is to be taken by the women, engrossed on household chores, in knowing about their rights, getting involved in different activities outside home. These in-qualities in gender become a great obstruction in the success of the nation. Women should be well updated with their surroundings and their country. We know that women discrimination has been an age-old phenomenon and now that the world is heading towards new heights it’s our duty to bridge such gap.


It is high time and now women are demanding equality in all fields such as matters of education, politics, inheritance, marriage and equal pay for equal work. Their struggles for equality have given them a new acknowledgement in the world thereby forming Women Organizations and many other NGOs. Since the last two centuries the status of women has risen greatly in 20th Century. Many evils rituals like pardha system, sati practice, dowry system, child marriage, female infanticide and state of permanent widowhood are slowly given up, giving all women a free environment to live and breathe. Many acts have been launched like Protection of Women from Domestic Violence Act, 2005, Compulsory Registration of Marriage Act, 2006 to stop all humiliation against women. The question arises that have all these legislative measures really changed the status of women? If yes, then to what extent?


It is apparently visible that women nowadays can better understand the problems of society relating to family planning, formulating rules and regulations, equal justice and various other concerns. A woman alone handles the economic condition of the family making it feasible to balance all things. These all small things should have greater recognition to make the male dominated country an equally dominated country. Women empowerment is important for channelizing the issues of politics as well as the society.


We see that females are performing better than males in academics like architecture, lawyers, engineering, medical, management etc. They are playing bigger and bigger as workers, entrepreneurs, consumers, investors, managers and all other jobs. They have more secure future than all other men and are capable enough to make their own decision of marriage. Entrance in the new domains, which were earlier reserved for male, are now open for women (police, army, pilots, chartered accountants). The rapid pace of economic development is demanding more educated female labor force and employees. This new phenomenon has given economic power in the hands of women, for which they were dependent on males.


Women empowerment is the solution to all big or small problems. Women are becoming more and more conscious about their health, education, career, job, family, society etc. They are all taking part in every field showing great interest. Finally, after long struggle the right platform is available for them to walk on right track.



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