How to devote your time to various subjects? How to complete the syllabus before the exam? How to ensure that the target is achieved? Such questions do appear in our mind before exams and we often tend to look up for the answers of the same. Well, according to me, the key mantra is same for such type of questions, which is TIME MANAGEMENT. To quote La Bruyere:


Those who make the worst of their time most complain about its shortness.”


This implies that to achieve your objectives, you must prioritize your time and if you fail to do so, accept your defeat and stop complaining of the lack of time you had. We often tend to blame for the failures of ours by making excuses like, the time was not enough, the subject demanded more time in every aspect etc. Such problems occur only to those people who do last minute preparation for their examination and then they expect that managing time would help them achieve their results in such situations. However one must not forget that, last minute preparations for the examinations must not include first time preparation, rather revision of the previously learned syllabus. In order to achieve your objective, one must prepare since the beginning of their semester, and those preparation should be done, by managing your time to obtain effective and efficient results.


Moreover  priorities play an essential role for time management to work in an effective way, as if one doesn’t realize his priorities, he cannot achieve his desired goals. As not establishing priorities and achieving the goals is just like shooting your target without aiming, which despite putting in your best efforts would not yield fruitful results. Also in the process of achieving your targets, one must not procrastinate as by delaying, not only you tend to lose your focus but also it tends to push away your peak of success from you.


Henceforth one must not think about the consequences of the actions, rather one must just perform their best, irrespective of what the outcome will be. As Mother Teresa  once said


Yesterday is gone.Tomorrow has not yet come. We have only today. Let us begin



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