Tourism is termed as world’s largest industry. It is a rapidly growing industry which accounts for about 6% of world output and has got about 100 million employees around the world. Tourism can be termed as travel based recreation which provides people with a change of place and break free from boredom of same place.


It brings millions of people together around the globe, allowing them to come into close contact with their customs, lifestyle and other aspects of life. After the end of Second World War, it has developed immense revenue and development potential and stands as a unique natural renewable resource industry. It reveals the past heritage and scenic beauty belonging to other nations. Tourism also causes environmental, cultural and social effects.


For the sake of tourism various resorts are built, which take neither the local architectural styles nor the ecology. As a result Natural systems are getting destroyed to provide water facilities and other facilities to tourism. Overuse of environmental wealth disturbs the ecological balance.


General instability of the nation causes bad affect on tourism. Generally political parties cause serious problems. The growing violence and international threats affects the whole tourism industry. To promote safe tourism, all these activities must be avoided. Tourism often ushers in new life styles, like arrangements that are desired by tourists to make them feel like at home. The occurrence of this ‘other’ culture in various places has dissatisfaction among the local people.


Tourism in another way is a best source of employment which greatly boosts national income. It also generates employment and also adds to the entrepreneurial growth of a nation.


So, let’s preserve our country and make tourists happy. We should always remember:

Atithi Devo Bhava



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