It is easier to break off relationships than to make them strong and worthwhile. India was a single territory till 1947, but then came a day when it had to be ripped apart to create two nations, namely: India and Pakistan. Being one state with varieties of people, who are different from each other in terms of region, religion, faith, and the like?


It has always been difficult to give everyone their due representation in the country, but efforts have been made at every step to do so. But, it was never thought that it would be a necessity to divide the country into two, and the reason being religion. Religion is the faith that people have on something that projects the way of life and is followed by people around the globe. But, using it as a tool for the bifurcation of a nation was not the one that should have been thought about, when the country was in a state of turmoil.


It was the time, when the efforts were made to throw out the rule of the British East India Company which had been ruling over India for more than 200 years. Whereas, along with this main concern other ideas were also brewing in the minds of the people, which were visible through their actions.


When the Muslim League came into being in 1906, the sole purpose of it was the serving of the interests of the Muslims in India, as they were in a minority and it was felt that not due representation was provided to them.


Mohammad Ali Jinnah, the founder of the Muslim League was one of the prominent and active members of the Indian National Congress, but his Religion made him skeptic of the working of the INC, as a result the new party came into being. With passing years, the objective became the demand of a new Muslim nation, which would foster the needs of the Muslims, and India on the other hand would be known as the Hindu Rashtra.


India and Pakistan are two nations carved out of the same motherland, having similar people who are residing across the borders. Same language being spoken, same religions being followed, but the only divide is the border and among the minds of the people.


Then why this unnecessary divide??
Isn’t it possible to unite the 2 nations?


It may be, it mayn’t be. Do the citizens of both the nations genuinely want it?



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