Sir Albert Einstein once said, “Education is not learning of facts, but training the mind to think”.


However in today’s world, the application of such a thought can be rarely seen. Our education system provides children with schooling facilities based on the former part of the above quote, i.e. people often think that a child becomes educated enough if he scores good marks in his exams held in school or if he gets a degree in a reputed university. Thus, people tend not to differentiate between knowledge and education as knowledge means knowing of facts while education is a much broader term and that it includes knowledge and means overall development of a human being.


The education system is based  upon the concept where children are imparted with knowledge and skills that are limited to the textbooks and by the syllabus of the course. A child’s nourishment is no longer given that importance as it is given to possessing some theoretical knowledge. Thus a student only moves once step ahead in the ladder of success when he puts that theoretical knowledge into practical usage. Also a student should grow up learning what he most likes. There are three motives that influence a student:

  •  fear or coercion
  • recognition
  • willingness for a certain subject


The school should find and use the best motive that guides the student, yet he believes that the first and the second motives do more harm than good. Moreover, schools should try to help every child learn a manual skill as manual skill (anything from gardening to carpentry to grinding optical lenses) is useful because it helps to relax and refresh the mind after a child is worn out from study. After all, it is better to have such a skill, then to be idle.


Therefore, education is all about learning new techniques, having some moral values, putting in best efforts when required rather than just mugging up the entire syllabus of a course and getting first division in examinations.



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