Success and failure are relative terms. Adoption of standard procedures, strong determination coupled with dedication and devotion leads to sure shot success.


Failure and success go hand in hand. Many people get discouraged on becoming the victim of failure, whereas others take their failure as the pillars, which can help in constructing beautiful building of Success. Most of the subjects fail due to lack of proper vision. Some Attributes which cause failure are as follows:


1.  Wrong perception

2.  Wrong priorities

3.  Ill-Health

4.  Shyness

5.  Egoism

6.  Egotism

7.  Procrastination

8.  Negative attitude

9.  Insufficient education

10. Lack of assertiveness

11. Lack of enthusiasm

12. Superstition and prejudice

13. Communication gap

14. Absence of integrity

15. Lack of self-discipline

16. Lack of perseverance

17. Psychological illness

18. Wrong selection of spouse

19. Lack of emotional intelligence

20. Intentional Dishonesty

21. Highly.individualistic attitude

22. Inability to cooperate with others

23. The habit of impulsive spending

24. Wrong selection of associates in business

25. Generalized view on everything

26. Believing other’s words without observing their deeds.


Robert F. Kennedy also righttly quoted:

Only those who dare to fail greatly can ever achieve greatly



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