The females in the universe are subjected to various kinds of discrimination without any logical basis. There are two sexes in the world, males and females, also referred to as boys and girls.


But, why is it that the girls are seen as pieces of attraction and sexual objects?

Why are they always said to be as the second class citizens?

Why is the freedom to be given to the boys and the girls differentiated?

Why is it that we never label boys with names that are insulting to them or casts a shadow on their personality?

The labels are always reserved for the girls with names, that are not only insulting to listen but also leave a never forgetting mark.


How to judge a girl?

The girls are judged by the way they present themselves, the way they walk, the way they talk and above all conduct themselves. It is okay to be judged, if the judgement is not meant in the negative sense. But, when the same is used to make a stereotype then it is definitely nonsensical. How do we judge the girls around us is the main concern of us all.


A girl is said to be well dressed while wearing traditional clothes including salwar suit or saree. But at the same time, if a girl is wearing jeans and top or capri and tee shirt is seen to be a follower of the western ideals and not respecting the Indian traditions and values. Whereas, it should not matter what a girl wears, as the main concern should be the values and thinking which is reflected not by clothes but by the behavior.


If a group of boys is raging through the road and drinking or smoking in the bright daylight or the dark night, it doesn’t strike us as odd as this is what we all have been accepting since ages. Whereas, when we see a group comprising of one or two girls and majority of the boys, we all use our brains to get ahead with all and every weird and obscure reasons we can think about the girls present in the group. But, not accepting the fact that the girls are supposed to have the same amount and quality of freedom to which the males are entitled to in the society.


Being admitted to a co-ed school or college is seen as granted that the girls will definitely go toward the wrong path, but it is always laid out for the girls but why not for the boys? The society comprises of all of us and not just the boys, and thus it becomes important to have an equal eye towards all. We all have been residing under the umbrella of patriarchy and it is so deeply embedded in our day to day affairs, that we take it to be as acceptable and rarely question it.


I guess, being the youth of the nation, it is on our shoulders to start the change and take it in the best possible direction.



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