As kids we always were asked to paint or draw on a common motion, the environment. While many of us sketched a landmark full of trees, mountains, different terrains etc., some of us drew images with the tagline “Save the Mother Earth”. Thereafter, in another class, we were asked to write a paragraph on the same tagline in which we often wrote the answers to the questions – What? Why? How?


In the current scenario, we often witness, the kinds of human activities that has led to the degradation of the environment, of which some of them include polluted rivers, depletion of the air quality, inconsistent climatic changes and many more. Hence, the answer to the question- What?


Why? – You ask?

Well, since elementary school we are taught to save the planet to live a better life, promising a better future for the generations to come and since, environmental degradation still exists, the answer still persists.


Now, for the last part- How?

The first answer that pops up in my head is by spreading awareness of those solutions which can be implemented in real life. Of many of the alternatives, wind-energy possess a good potential to produce non-exhaustible form of energy.


Wind energy as we all know is power extracted from the air in order to produce electricity. Currently, in India, coal is majorly used for generating electricity, however due to high losses during transmission and distribution, let alone the theft and the pollution caused in the process, wind energy serves as a renewable, non-exhaustible and a pollution free source of generating electricity. Moreover, wind energy is relatively labour intensive and thus creating job opportunities. In remote areas or areas with a weak grid, wind energy can be used for charging batteries or can be combined with a diesel engine to save fuel whenever wind is available. Hence, with many uses, wind energy serves as a potential source of energy which can help reduce greenhouse effect, thereby protecting mother earth.


So lets join hands, spread awareness and really start doing something for our home, Earth.



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