As a child takes birth on this planet, the expectations of the parents demanding a boy than a girl becomes more. May be the reason behind this bitter truth is the tensions or the worries regarding a girl. These do not include dowry or any other thing but the responsibilities or the caring for a girl is much sensitive and hard too. Basically, it is due to the environment or the atmosphere surrounding the people or the living beings we live around with. This topic is a very heart- rendering one and can be considered crucial and vital too.


Let we understand it with a day life concept:

A girl who is an adult isn’t even allowed to go outside for playing or hanging around after 8-9 p.m. A girl who wants to do night shift due to workload is denied by her parents. On the other hand, there are no such restrictions on boys. Even at public- dealing places, a girl can get any type of comment related to her dress-up style, way of walking, or way of talking or smiling etc. If a girl wears a mini-skirt or jeans or trouser, still she receive the worst comments, even in a salwar-kameez. But on the other hand, there are no such restrictions on the way of dressing of boys.


May I ask WHY?

The reason may be that we are leaving in a men- powered society. That’s why they have their self-made rules. But let me tell you boys, that there were such no rules made by God. As this Almighty God hasn’t given any discrimination mark on any living being. He has given the same organs to each and everyone got 2 eyes, 1 mouth,1 nose, 2 hands, and 2 legs. Basically, the most awakening question arises that where  the difference lies? The basic difference lies in the dirty and cheap thinking minds of the people.


Daily in the news headlines after every 24 hours, we use to see or listen about ‘rape’ cases or the cases of molestation or eve-teasing. A shameful case was there in which a 6 months old baby girl was molested by her own grandfather. So a girl is not safe even in her own home. Like this there are hundreds, thousands or I would say millions of cases that passed and are even happening. I feel so much surprised and annoyed that  these people don’t have any feeling of sympathy, pity, or love or respect in their hearts? Have they got their minds into gutters or in the knees? Do they are without their sisters, mothers, wives or any relation with girls in their houses? Don’t they have any Moral or ethical values in them? There is thinking which is worst ought to be change. It should be high or broad- minded type. Proper awareness, education, and workshops should be held, which may act as medicines for bad minds.


Here below are some cases regarding these issues held in 2015:

1- The convict is a  25 yrs. old who raped a four and a half yr. old. girl in Erode district of Tamil Nadu.

2- Another case involved a 29 yrs. old model, who put allegations against the police officers at the Sakinaka police station for being sexually    harassed.

3- A 23 yr.old woman was raped by 7 men at the guesthouse in Gurgaon’s D.L.f.- iv on Wednesday 19th June, 2015. After one of them took her there, promising her of job in his office.

This issue is a big stone in the progress of a developing country like India


Some effective steps to solve this problem can be:

  • There should be women constables at every public dealing places till 9- 10 p.m.
  • CCTV cameras should be there.
  • Separate women drivers for vans should be available.
  • FIR or a copy of it should be made on the spot against any molestation or eve-teasing.
  • In evening time,a police mobile van should visit the crowding places or the colonies to ensure the security of women.


We should always remember that ”If you give respect, then you will be respected.” Girls are the future of the society. They are the role models of this era. They should not be neglected. Therefore need of the hour is to encourage, motivate, inspire, and respect the girl as much as we can. Because on some day we also have to give the answers of GOD.


This is:
A black spot on Indian society. Growing like a cactus. Spreading like a cancer in ocean.



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