The world of modernization has definitely brought a need to turn towards the technology and improvise our skills for the same. The need of the hour has in a way shifted everyone to carve out ourselves as per need and whims of others thereby silencing our individuality somewhat.


But amidst all this dilemmas and hectic lifestyle, there lies a creative being in everyone. And the society and people both are uniquely reacting towards the same. It is this very fact that has brought the tech-savvy youth in the World of Writing and not just use it as a leisure or hobby, but as successful venture and profession. Among all this are mainly those young individuals who crave to speak out and are slight introverts in social terms. And no doubt, their hearts and words open up a new world of imagination.


Although, Creative Writing in itself has turned out as a profession mainly because the entire world is now all the more confided over internet. And this web commercialization has led to websites and online publicity for organizations that require efficient technical as well as creative writers to represent them in best way possible among target audience.


At the same time there are entire ventures devoted to provide fun filled and vast media filled write ups such as Buzzfeed, Viralnova, Storypick, Wittyfeed and many more for everything trending online being served in attractive way for everyone field of knowledge, sports or DIY hacks or just collection of best tips to sort out things or at simplest just correlate with as an individual and relax. As well as this field of writing is effectively utilized through online blogs and discussion forums where social issues are raised in targeted way to discuss and get at same time a mass effect and response.


Thus, there is a greater need of skilled writers with good command over language as well as well versed with writing skills needed for attracting the masses. Someone rightly said:


The pen is mightier than the sword



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