It is irrefutable that Modern Technology has totally changed every sphere of human existence, where dependence on Modern technology has increased one or the other way.


In the field of education, its unmatchable ability to aggregate preserve and provide information in short time, one can undoubtedly opine that these written words in printed media will be soon entirely replaced by Modern technology like computer and internet. The traditional way of pondering over bulky volumes of books for information has become old fashioned and a hard-core Modernist might even call it unreliable or erratic.


We can see in colleges today, students are provided handouts online, they scrutinize and gather required information online and further submit it in form of their assignments online only. These developments in the fields of education have helped the pupils to save their time, where fast moving modern life has decreased the time. So to keep up with the pace of life, one can’t think of wasting time in reading books, the faster the better.


Moreover, interpreting the required information by making difficult access to books become tedious. So, gone are the days of such laborious work. Modern technology has changed scenario from head to toe. In addition the compilation (collection) and distribution of knowledge have become more effective and faster due to electronic media. To epitomize, with just a single click of mouse, anyone can have immediate access to thousand of digital libraries all around the world with innumerable or plethora of or countless number of books on almost every subject concerned.


To recapitulate, it is evident that the provision of Modern Technology as the prime source of knowledge and information is an inescapable inevitability in the burgeoning crowd and sophisticated modern era.



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