The History of yoga is indeed very old. Nothing can be said firmly about the origin of yoga. Only it can be alluded that yoga was originated in India.


After glancing at the available sources about yoga, it is clear that yoga has been the main element of Indian culture from the ancient period.


There are 3 periods of Indian History which can be categorized as follows:


The period of existence of Vedas is called Vedic Period. The Vedas is the sacred scripture of Brahmanism which is the basis of modern-day Hinduism.


The creation of Upanishads is marked as pre-classical period.
During 6th century B.C., Buddha started teaching Buddhism, which stresses importance Of Meditation and the practice of ”Physical Posture..”.


It is named as Yoga Sutra. Basically, this gave the present literary form of  Yoga Sutras of Patanjali in 400 CE


It was introduced in west during early 19th century.


It was first studied as a part of Eastern Philosophy and began as a movement for health and vegetarianism in 1930’s.



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