We all are familiar that the Yoga Day was celebrated on 21st of June, 2015 with gusto and grace.


There were 191 countries that celebrated International Yoga Day with over 40,000 participants performing various yoga ‘asanas’ at Rajpath New Delhi. The Prime Minister of India, Mr. Narender Modi spoke at this International conference on Yoga for Holistic Health in Delhi. Modiji later joined the participants on the ground as he practiced the ‘asanas’ during the 30- min. Program.


The P.M. Modi. addressed the large crowd saying ” Did anyone imagine Rajpath would ever become Yogpath? We are not here  today for celebrating but we are training the human mind to begin a new era of peace and ‘Sadbhavana.” He further  said that it is aimed at benefiting the people by making them both physically and mentally healthy.


Following are the good impacts or the benefits of Yoga as told by Mr. Modi:

  • In a world of fear and stress Yoga provides calmness.
  • It creates concentration and provides strength and courage.
  • Reduces anxiety, exertion and exhaustion.
  • Makes mind disciplined and healthy, greater understanding and sensitivity.
  • Helps in ”opening and refining of hearts


At last Modiji said “This is a program for the benefit of mankind, a tension- free- world and to spread the message of Sadbhavna” So everyone must practice Yoga in order to bring your mind, body and spirit into balance. And to live life comfortably and peacefully.



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