We all are the members of the society encircling us and are supposed to contribute in its betterment in any possible manner. The society comprises of all kinds of people in various age groups, but with the youth being in the majority.


As youths, it is our responsibility to do our bit and lead the society towards growth and development. But, just stating that the youth will do so, is different than the actual action taking place. It is easy to give the word of the mouth, whereas it’s not so easy to perform the various predicaments. It is true that today’s youth is occupied in several different ways for various actions, but mostly they all are self sustaining. On the other hand, performing for the society is a hard job because it doesn’t produce results directly for individuals, but for the society as a whole.


Thus, there is only a small portion of the youth who are selfless enough to take steps forward towards the enrichment of the society. They are the ones who try and make the society aware of the problems and drawbacks within the society, so that they can be eradicated by a joint effort. One of the opportunities provided for the young adults is through the various options available to them in college.


The best example of it is the National Service Scheme (NSS), which works with the various sectors of the society with the help of the college students. Thus, providing them with the opportunity to explore the inner layers of the society and contribute their bit. Also, there are many Non Governmental Organisations (NGO’s) at national and international level which have a large number of youth working with them to take steps towards reformation.


But the change, as we all know starts within oneself, which leads on to the other levels. Thus, it is essential that we as the Youth of the Nation make our-selves enlightened so that we can appropriately contribute within the society.


As we all know, that we have a long way to go, that is maybe even unending, but that doesn’t mean that we should back up. Because that won’t help it in any way. So, it’s time that we pull up our socks and work for our society in any and every manner we can.



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